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Don't you wish you could do movie night with your friends, or that special someone, in this quarantine? Thanks to BassDrum, now you can! 💞

📹 BassDrum is a fun little extension that lets you watch PrimeVideo with friends, with videos synced in realtime, so it feels like you are watching together. It's 100% FREE and no signup is required — just install and use in a click!

1. Create secret "rooms".

BassDrum lets you create secret "rooms" that can only be accessed by people you want to share it with.

2. Share the secret code with your friends.

Send the secret room name to your friends. Once they join, they will be automatically taken to the video you are playing. What's more — everyone's video playback is synced in realtime!

3. Have fun!

You and your friends scream at the exact same time for that scary scene.

When you pause your video, everyone else's video is paused too. Don't let them get ahead when you gotta, you know, go.

Fast forward? No problem, that's synced too!

Boring stream? Change the video to have it change for everyone else as well!

BassDrum is still in Beta, so you might experience some minor issues. Please tweet at me, or send me a message, and I'll fix them as soon as possible. I'm continuously learning and trying to improve BassDrum for you.

⬇️ Install to Chrome
100% FREE. No Signup required!

BassDrum currently supports Amazon Prime Video, but we plan to roll out support for all popular platforms like Netflix, Hotstar and YouTube soon! We are also planning to add text chat, and video chat soon! Stay tuned!


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